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"Ruth's skill set was ideal for this role as it drew on a combination of her accountancy and headship experience....her work on behaviour systems and strategies resulted in a 75% reduction in weekly suspensions between Autumn 2022 and Spring 2023" 

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Since I moved to the education sector over 20 years ago, I have slowly but surely evolved my personal mission to support school leaders in joining up education and finance to create the best possible experiences, life chances, and academic outcomes for children and  young people. I have delivered training in finance to Principals/Headteachers, and in education to school and academy Finance Directors and Business Managers.

To paraphrase John Lennon, I am one of those people whose career happened while they were making other plans.  After a degree and MA in English, I accidentally (yes, really) found myself training as an accountant in the NHS. I then moved into the education sector, initially as an SBM and then a Finance Director for a new Academy Trust. I realised quite quickly that I wanted to lead a school, and was the first non-teacher to be accepted onto the NPQH programme.


I then achieved QTS whilst working as a Finance Director, and I think I may probably the only person whose first headship coincided with their NQT year. I've been a successful head in three schools, as well as an Ofsted Inspector and AQA English examiner.


I started my consultancy business in 2022, and have found my niche at the  -vital, but often misunderstood - intersection between the quality of education and the allocation of human and financial resources. I can carry out a 360° review of curriculum, systems, staffing, and budgets,  and come up with clear and manageable plans to help schools achieve the best educational AND financial outcomes.

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