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"I have been working with Ruth since November 2022, when I commissioned her to support in one ofour Trust schools. Her brief was to reduce suspensions by improving behaviour systems and processes, and to design new SLT, SEND and pastoral staff structures that would best support our students’ academic progress, behaviour, attitudes, and personal development.

Ruth’s skill set was ideal for this role, as it drew on a combination of her accountancy and headship experience. She worked with the Headteacher and Leadership Team to propose and support a restructure which met the needs of the school whilst improving its financial position, and the school is on track for full implementation in time for September. In addition, her work on behaviour systems and strategies resulted in a 75% reduction in weekly suspensions between Autumn 2022 and Spring 2023, and her influence, prioritisation, communication skills and clarity of thought were valuable factors in the school receiving a ‘Remains Good’ Ofsted judgement in June 2023.

I have commissioned further work from Ruth in 2023-24, including the planning and implementation of a project for a Trust-wide Alternative Pathways offer, and regular reviews of compliance at all of our schools."

Sarah Godden, Chief Executive Officer, TrustEd CSAT Multi-Academy Trust, Shropshire.


" In Autumn 2022, I commissioned Ruth to work with me and Trust leaders on a bid to open a new Free School. Ruth conducted extensive research and synthesised her findings to build on our Trust strategic plan and priorities to provide a clearly evidenced rationale for the new school which was written in line with the DFE guidance for applications.

Ruth developed our application by articulating an accurate and compelling vision for its ethos and values which matched and complemented those of the wider Trust, together with both realistic and innovative curriculum and operational plans. 

Ruth worked largely on her own initiative whilst ensuring that she updated us regularly and refined the application content in response to our feedback as required. Her excellent verbal and written communication skills were evident in the quality of the final application. Her finance and resource leadership experience together with her accountancy knowledge each ensured our ambitious plans for the free school were financially viable. "

Dan Parkes, Chief Executive Officer, Mercian Trust, West Midlands

"Ruth’s experience in successfully leading different types of schools is an invaluable resource. She is always thoughtful but incisive, cutting through peripheral detail quickly and identifying the key areas to focus on. She can always see the wood through the trees, helping you to get to the heart of issues when you feel you are going round in circles! She combines exceptional intellect with a practical down to Earth approach."

Sue Adamson, Leadership Coach and former Headteacher 

Ofsted Reports

​I have led three schools through Ofsted inspections, all of which were positive experiences. Example extracts from my inspection reports include:

"The principal leads by example, sets a swift pace for improvement and takes her staff with her in the relentless pursuit of excellence.” [Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio 2015]

"The new principal...has set the college firmly on the road to recovery.“ [UTC@MediaCityUK, July 2018]

“Leaders have strengthened the curriculum for pupils in Years 7 to 11 so that it is broad, balanced and appropriately ambitious." [Manchester Enterprise Academy Sep 2021]

”Leaders, governors and trustees have worked well together to ensure that pupils receive a good quality of education. Leaders have nurtured a culture where staff feel supported. Leaders empower staff to confidently do their jobs." [Manchester Enterprise Academy Sep 2021]

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